When it comes to untreated hearing loss, it can be detrimental to your quality of life. From making conversations harder to causing social isolation, the impact of untreated hearing loss is vast. The good news is it’s not a difficult condition to diagnose and treat. By finding an audiologist in your area, you can schedule a hearing test and find out if you benefit from hearing aids or another form of treatment. So, how do you find an audiologist in your area? There are three simple ways you can locate the audiologist you need.

Search the internet

You may be surprised to learn that finding an audiologist in your area doesn’t even require you leaving your home. Simply pull up Google (or your go-to search engine), type in the words “audiologist” and your city, and then peruse the links that are available. Click on the audiologist’s website and look for the following key information: locations, hours of operation, staff, services offered, customer reviews and up-to-date content regarding hearing loss and treatment options. Looking at the audiologist’s website will provide you a quick and easy glimpse at what services and treatment options you can expect.

Word of mouth

Hearing loss is incredibly common, and you may be surprised to find out who in your circle of family and friends have already seen an audiologist. If you know anyone who wears hearing aids, start by asking them what audiologist they saw and if they would recommend them. Your friends and family members will be upfront with you about the quality of care they received, in addition to the audiologist’s bedside manner and what costs were associated with appointments and testing.

Primary care physician

If the internet or your circle of friends and family weren’t able to provide a viable audiologist candidate, talk with your primary care physician. Because you’ve already built a comfortable and trusting relationship with your general doctor, they can recommend an audiologist they think will be compatible with your needs and wants. Additionally, your primary care physician generally has a wide network of professionals they trust and know, so you can rest assured you’ll be sent to a specialist that is the right fit for you.

You don’t have to suffer in silence any longer. Find an audiologist in your area and take the first step to treating your hearing loss today.