About Us

We provide complete hearing care services which include comprehensive hearing evaluations as well as hearing aid fittings.  If medical treatment is necessary, we will refer you to our team of Ear, Nose Throat specialists within our same office.  We dispense a full selection of hearing aids including the latest advanced digital models with rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity as well as cosmetically appealing styles. 

Hearing protection and hearing loss prevention are key areas of audiologic care.  We strive to educate our patients as well as the general public on the importance of hearing loss and how to protect your hearing through community outreach talks, hearing screenings and the dispensing of hearing protection devices.  

We Believe An Educated Patient Leads To A Satisfied Patient 

Your satisfaction with the hearing solution we recommend for you is extremely important to us.  We feel the more you understand about your hearing loss and level of hearing loss will help to guide us with our recommendations for you.  The more we know about you, your lifestyle and listening needs the better job we can do to help fit you with the right hearing loss solution and increase your satisfaction. 

Comprehensive Testing Ensures We Understand Your Unique Hearing Loss 

Our Doctors of Audiology are skilled at performing diagnostic evaluations that are precise and accurate allowing us to recommend the best hearing solution for you and your lifestyle in order to improve your hearing even in challenging environments.  Every recommendation is personalized for you and is not one size fits all. 

State Of The Art Hearing Aids 

We work with multiple manufacturers that offer a complete line of the most technologically advanced hearing aids available today which allows us to optimize your ability to hear. 

Individualized Fittings And Programming Provides Higher Satisfaction 

Hearing aids will disappoint if they are not the type or style best suited for your level of hearing loss and listening needs.  Our Doctors of Audiology are skilled at fitting and programming hearing aids based on your hearing test results while taking into account your lifestyle. 

Follow-up Care Gives You Ongoing Exceptional Customer Service 

We do not just want to see you for the hearing aid fit we want to go beyond the initial fit.  Your follow-up care includes ongoing office visits to make sure your hearing aids are working and continue to work as they should.   We teach you how to care for your hearing aids at the time of the initial fitting,  however we also offer FREE clean and check service at no additional charge.   

Service And Repair  

Should your hearing aid stop working we can service and repair it in our office, often with a day’s notice. If the device needs to be sent in for repair we will expedite that service for you.