Patient Testimonials

Mark fit me with hearing aids 8 years ago. They work wonderfully. Mark listened to what my needs were & then fit me with a great product. He is always available when I have a question or need a tweak. He’s very friendly and comfortable to see as a patient.

Konna W. Neenah, WI 11/5/2014

Thank you so much for all you do for me. I am so lucky to have such a great audiologist.


Thank you so much. Your customer service is exceptional. I don’t get service like yours from anywhere else, Dr. Roh.

M.N. Parent

I love my new hearing aids. They feel very comfortable and natural. Sounds and conversations are very clear and not at all muffled. I hate having to take them out at night and can’t wait to put them back in each morning!

Kathy Klassen

I went to a hearing aid franchise because they were having a big sale. I found out that even with their “huge discount” that they were still $1,400.00 more for the same exact product from ENT Specialists of WI.

Clarence T. – Appleton

I went to a dealer who only offered one product and was very disappointed. After visiting the Doctors of Audiology at ENT Specialists I found out that there were many more options available to me.

Sheryl H. – Fond du Lac

Words can not express my satisfaction with ENT Specialists of WI. They were patient and caring. They worked with me so I would be completely satisfied. No gimmicks, just the best care.

Darlene B. – Neenah

The Doctors of Audiology worked together as a team to solve my hearing problem. They took the time to investigate all avenues at each visit.

Gus L. – Larson

I know ENT Specialists of WI to be knowledgeable, friendly and available when needed. Medical care and hearing aid performance exceed expectations. Would recommend ENT Specialists of WI to anyone with ear, nose or throat concerns.

M.S. – Neenah, WI

This being my third set of hearing aids over the years. These are my first with ENT. The other units were from a competitor. Working with Erin has been a pleasure. Even having experience with hearing aids, Erin has been a big help in learning how the new units work. Each check up time she has always been willing to work with me to make my units work the best they can for me. Plus she always is willing to answer any question I or my wife would have.

Thomas J Driessen – Kaukauna, WI

I am very satisfied with the help and understanding that Erin gave me in working to get the best results from my hearing aid. Being that I only have hearing in my left ear, and also have Meniere’s disease, which make my hearing change, sometime from day to day, Erin has worked hard to set up different channels in the hearing aid to work with different hearing problems. I would recommend ENT Spec. to anyone that has a hearing problem.

Jerome L. Van Handel – Neenah, WI

I am pleased to acknowledge my positive experience with the service provided me by Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists. I have been very pleased with the attention and care I have received from Erin Krueger Au. D. I am impressed with the sensitive concern she displays during my visits. I am grateful for her patience in scheduling me at time on short notice. I am very satisfied with the two hearing aids recommended by Ms. Krueger.

Wesley Urch – Neenah, WI

I have worked with people at Ear, Nose, and Throat for over 15 years and found them to most helpful in advising me the proper fit for my condition. Mark was especially patient in working with me to solve a problem that I thought was going to be difficult. He makes it easy for me to make a this change as though I did not loose a step in making this adjustment to my hearing problem. Extremely patient minded.

W. Frye – Neenah, WI

I have been wearing hearing aids for approximately thirty years so I am not a “newcomer” to the world of coping with a hearing loss. I spent much of my life working in the medical field but felt compelled to retire 6 years to due to increased difficulty with my hearing. Before retirement I decided to try the advanced digital hearing aids and consulted the same audiologist that I had dealt with and trusted for fifteen years. The problem was he only sold one brand of hearing aid. After three months, of frustrating adjustments I finally gave up and went back to the “old style” hearing aids. I felt like a total failure because I seemed to be the ONLY person that was unable to adapt to these “highly advanced” hearing aids. A year and one half later I made the decision to try digital aids once again thinking that maybe a different brand might make a difference. This meant changing to a different audiologist. A friend told me about Mark, an audiologist with Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists in Neenah, WI. Mark listened to my frustrations and did an excellent assessment of my hearing loss in a very professional and compassionate manner. He has access to many different brands of digital aids and chose the one he thought best suited for my hearing loss.

I had not a clue that “not all hearing aids were made equal.” It was a very emotional experience for me when the hearing aids were first put in my ears! I actually cried because I heard sounds I had not heard for so long that I sometimes needed help identifying them. After only two minor adjustments, my hearing aids were “perfect” and their follow-up is great!

I credit Mark and his department for their knowledge, professionalism and compassion in achieving this goal for me. In view of the above story, I can DEFINITELY say that hearing for the hearing impaired person is only as good as his or her audiologist. Had I gone there sooner, I could have conceivably continued working.

S.H. – Fond du Lac, WI

Since he was a newborn, our son, who is now 14 years old has been under the hearing care of Mark Conradt. Mark first saw Matt in the NICU at Theda Clark when he was just 2 weeks old. Theda Clark was one hospital that required hearing screenings on all NICU babies – something for which we came to be so grateful. Matt failed his screening and we planned to follow Mark’ recommendations to have him formally evaluated when he was 6 months old.

We observed Matt closely in those first months, but we really didn’t notice anything that concerned us, and our pediatrician’ exams led us to believe that Matt’s hearing was normal. But when Mark performed a complete audiology exam, we found out that Matt had a moderate hearing loss in both ears. Mark fitted him hearing aids which Matt began wearing for short periods immediately. He was just 8 months old and loved to pull them out, but by 18 months, he was asking us to put them in for him when he woke up in the morning – he didn’ want to miss a thing!

Because of Mark’s early detection and hearing aid fitting, Matt has progressed without problems –he has near normal hearing with his hearing aids, his speech and language skills developed normally, and he is a great student with lots of friends!

Mark has been very good to us over the years – answering our many questions when Matt was first diagnosed as hearing impaired, providing us with information about resources for families with hearing-impaired children, and always making time for us when Matt needed hearing aid repairs.

We appreciate his professionalism, as well as his kindness and compassionate care! Thank you Mark!

Karen Rappl – Neenah, WI