What’s a Telecoil (T-coil)?

A T-coil is a small antenna that can pick up magnetic signals and stream those signals directly to hearing aids.  The T-coil is most commonly utilized in a “hearing loop”.  A hearing loop is a system that works with your T-coil and allows you to hear sound from a public address system without background noise. Many churches, libraries and performance centers have the loop installed.   You simply turn your hearing aid(s) to the T-coil program using your push button, remote control or phone app.

Three things are required for a T-coil to function:

  1. The venue needs to be “looped” or have a hearing loop installed
  2. The speaker needs to be on a microphone
  3. The listener needs to have the T-coil activated and ON in his hearing aids.

While hearing aids are designed to amplify sounds in your environment, sometimes it’s helpful to eliminate environmental sounds and hear only the person(s) speaking.  Sorting through room noise is challenging so a telecoil may be beneficial.

T-Coil benefits:

  • Blocks background noise
  • Signal is streamed through Hearing aids as if wearing headphones
  • No pairing required

Most hearing aids now have a t-coil inside of them however they need to be activated by your audiologist to utilize the feature.  Ask us how we can help you hear better with the assistance of a telecoil!