Coming to terms with hearing loss is not easy, but now that you've been through the hearing tests with your audiologist, it’s time to get your hearing aid fitting sorted. It may surprise you that you need an additional appointment for this, because most people believe that it all gets done during the discussion of the hearing test results.

The actual fitting appointment may be the first of several appointments that you need, depending on how you feel about your new hearing aids and how well they sit on your ears. The aim of your hearing aid fitting is to:

  • Fit the hearing aids comfortably in your ears.
  • Check that the device settings are programmed correctly to your hearing needs.
  • Give you guidance on taking the hearing aid in and out of your ears by yourself
  • How to care for your new hearing aids
  • How to change the batteries

It’s a lot of information to digest in one go. However, your audiologist will make sure to spend the time you need to ensure these are the right hearing aids for you. There are some steps you can take to prepare for your hearing aid fitting with your audiologist, to ensure that you get the most out of the appointment. Those steps include:

Leave enough time

Clear your day for after the appointment. You are doing so much more than collecting new hearing aids. This appointment is for your crash training in how to use them. This is something that takes time to do, so make sure your appointment is on a day you have everything cleared. Pay close attention during the appointment, too, because you need to take in everything that is being told to you.

Bring a friend

Getting hearing aids fitted is a big deal, and if you’ve been dealing with hearing loss for a while, this moment is going to be huge for you. You’re going to hear for the first time in a while and there’s a chance that you will want to share this with someone close to you. Not only that, it can help to have someone come in and listen to the same information that you are and help you to remember the things that you may forget later. They can also be a second set of ears (no pun intended) on how to care for the hearing aids.

Bring a notepad

You will have some questions about how to care for your hearing aids, but it’s natural that when you walk into the office the questions that you have in mind will likely fly out of your head. Write down any questions that you may have, and while you’re in the appointment, make notes while you’re having your conversation. Printed instructions are great, but using your own words is better.

This appointment is your chance to get to know your new hearing aids. Make the most of it by preparing ahead of time.