If you know that you need a new hearing aid or you’re thinking about getting one, then it’s important to be aware of the many options that you have at your disposal. There’s more than just one type of hearing aid, which means that you’ll have a choice when it comes to getting the one that’s right with you. Of course, it’s important to work with an audiologist, who will run you through the different types of hearing aids and make a recommendation as to which one is best for your needs.

In this article, we’re going to run through the ins and outs of hearing aids, including what they are, the advantages of getting one, and how to figure out if they’re the right option for you.

About In-the-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aids

This means that the hearing aid sits in the canal. This differs from other types of hearing aids such as behind the ear (BTE) and in the ear (ITE). You can think of them as if they sit in the bowl part of your ear, right at the tip of the canal part. There are many advantages to having this type of hearing aid, as we’ll see below.

The Advantages of ITC Hearing Aids

ITC is one of the most popular hearing aid devices for multiple reasons. First, they’re custom fit to your ear. That means that they feel natural and comfortable. They’re also more subtle and less visible than other models.

If you have mild hearing loss and don’t want to get a big device, then ITC is a good option. Many models also come with a variety of controls, so you can easily change the settings so that the device works best in your environment. The small nature is generally what attracts people, though. They allow a person to greatly enhance their hearing, without having to deal with a larger device.

Are ITC Hearing Aids Right for You?

There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind when you’re deciding which hearing aid is right for you. You’ll need to think about what features you want your device to have, as well as your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a hearing aid that you can easily take in and out, then one that sits in the canal could be an ideal option.

They’re also a great choice for people who are thinking about the aesthetic impacts of their hearing aid. ITC hearing aids are subtle yet powerful, giving you the best of both worlds. Because they can be custom made, people often find that they feel more secure, so if you’re concerned about that, then it could be the best way to go!

Different Styles

ITC is just one of several models available. There’s also behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids, too. These also have their advantages. For example, in the ear models have a long battery life, which means there’ll be more time in between changing the batteries. Behind-the-ear hearing aids are considered to be the most powerful on the market.

Working With an Audiologist

While your initial impressions will count for a lot when it comes to deciding which one is right for you, it’s also important that you work with an experienced audiologist. They’ll be able to run you through the various different options on the table and make their recommendation. It’s important to go to an audiologist who you can trust.

During the decision-making process, they’ll allow you to try a variety of different models. If you try the ITC model, and then find that it’s the right one for you, then you won’t need to worry about making any more decisions! But it could be that you have one or more issues that need addressing, in which case you may trial another type of hearing aid.

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