Technology has come a long way. Both phones and hearing aids are now more advanced than ever and their technology will only continue to grow and advance within time. Nowadays, phones seem as if they can do anything. Once a device that could only take calls… now, they’ve exploded into mini-computers that allow for calls, taking photos, doing purchases, and so much more. The same can be said for hearing aids – the technology has become quite advanced, allowing people with minor and profound hearing loss to manage just fine in day-to-day life.

If you’re wearing a hearing aid, then did you know that your smartphone can be an excellent tool in helping you? They have helped you out by improving your listening during situations. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, look into the brand of your hearing aid, there’s a chance there’s an app that accompanies it or your phone may be able to directly connect to it via Bluetooth. The connection between the smartphone and the hearing aids has a long list of benefits but here are some of the best:

Finding Misplaced Hearing Aids

Some hearing aid brands have a function on their smartphone app where you can find a misplaced hearing aid. For example, many major hearing aids offer the function of using a mobile app to help in the search of locating your hearing aid. This is similar to the find my iPhone app that Apple has except this is a hearing aid. It will show a map of the last location that the hearing aids were wirelessly connected to the phone.

Easy Adjustments

You can easily use your phone to make quick hearing aid adjustments. Apple has its hearing controls; this is very functional as it allows for quick access to adjust the hearing aid volume. These easy adjustments can still be made without having an iOS device. You’ll just need an app, and these easy control settings can still be done. There is a lot of discreteness in adjusting your hearing aid this way as you don’t have to reach behind your ear to push any of the buttons. Instead, it looks as if you’re texting or just playing with your phone. Most hearing aid paired apps will allow you to have control of the volume, treble, bass and programs.

Automatic Settings

For those who wear hearing aids, there may be a constant annoyance of having to adjust the hearing aid depending on the setting and where you’re going. Having to switch programs is something that can become a slight hassle, mainly for places that are frequently visited such as work, home, public transit, favorite restaurant or a friend’s home. Smartphone hearing aids tend to use GPS to track the location of the hearing aids, this can make it very convenient when you’re on the go. The hearing aid can be adjusted to where it can remember the setting for certain locations, and it can automatically adjust to it. This saves time and there’s no hassle as it’s all automatically done for you for these frequently visited spots.

No Need for Extra Accessories

Smartphone apps for your hearing aid have the potential to save you money as you won’t need to invest in any extra accessories such as a remote microphone. Instead, your smartphone is the microphone. Some patients need something such as a remote microphone to help them with their hearing ability or if you’re in a noisy location such as a concert or bar. You can instead give your companion your phone, and they can just speak into the microphone. This will then stream their voice right into your hearing aid. This allows for more ease, saving money and not having to bother with carrying around additional accessories.

Easier Access for Your Audiologist

A smartphone app can easily assist in letting your audiologist know how you’re doing and how the hearing aids are going for you. This can also allow for remote assistance from your audiologist. This means that they can assist you without you needing to take a trip to their office. Your audiologist can make setting adjustments that download directly to your hearing aids, all with ease.

Paring your smartphone with your hearing aid is going to allow you to have a much better listening experience and your day-to-day life can easily be improved as well. To learn more about Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, call us today at 920-969-1768.