Healthy ears are integral for comfort and happiness, not least because they directly impact so many aspects of your existence. As such, despite not being the most regular of rituals, ear cleaning is an essential responsibility for everyone.

Giving your ears the attention they need can prevent a variety of future health issues. Moreover, it can aid your hopes of clearing blockages and other afflictions. Here are some top tips that every audiologist would suggest.

Be gentle with the outer ear

The outer ear is the most commonly cleaned area by a considerable distance. Dirt, dead skin, and debris can accumulate. This is especially true near the fossa, scapha and antihelical fold. However, the helix and lobes can require regular cleaning too. However, you must avoid using excessive force.  

A warm, wet dishcloth is probably the best option. While these parts of the ear are less receptive to pain than others, the gentle approach will work best for the health of the ear. When using soaps, choosing a safe and gentle product is key.  

Cotton swabs can be used too, but do not insert them into the ear canal under any circumstance. This will only push the wax and debris further towards the eardrum.

Leave the insides unless there’s an issue

In truth, it isn’t only cotton swabs that should be kept away from the ear canal. As far as removing wax from the canal is concerned, ear cleaning naturally occurs thanks to the body’s own capabilities. With this in mind, you needn’t touch this part of the body unless there is a genuine source of discomfort.

If you do encounter an issue, speaking to an audiologist is the best solution. However, you can try to clean the ear with irrigation. The first step is to loosen the wax for a few days with oils or saline solutions. Following this, a gentle irrigation with warm water should suffice.

To complete the task, you’ll want to let a few drops sit in your ear for a few minutes while tilting your head so that the ear faces the sky. Then turn your head the other way to let it drain out.

Dry your ears at all times

Ear cleaning isn’t just about removing dirt. After all, the bacteria and wax are actually beneficial for your hearing and immunity against infection. Perhaps more importantly, you need to know that the process won’t cause further problems. This is why drying the ear properly is just as vital as efficient cleaning.  

Drying the outer ear is easy enough, but doing the inner ear can be a little more difficult. If at home, a hair dryer (low setting; suitable distance away) can work wonders. Having an expert complete syringing and other methods is the best way to guarantee optimized results and dryness. In turn, this will aid hearing clarity as well as general health.

Whatever you do, avoid ear candling at all costs. Home cleaning should be suitable for general maintenance while an audiologist is the best solution when a problem arrives. Frankly, your ears are far too important to take risks.