Many people clean their ears by themselves at home. This can be helpful. However, you can also visit the audiologist to have your ears cleaned. There are many ways that audiologists can help when it comes to ear cleaning. Here some of the top ways that they can do this.

1. Professional wax removal

Audiologists have the training and the skill to use special medical tools to remove wax from your ear. If you have an impaction, then they can scoop it right out with these special tools. This is much safer and more effective than trying to do it yourself with things like hair pins or cotton swabs. Even if your earwax is not fully impacted, audiologists can remove it if too much has built up inside your ear canal.

2. Over-the-counter remedies

There are a number of over the counter remedies for softening earwax. For example, baby oil, mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide and saline can all help to soften earwax. Depending on what your situation is, your audiologist can look inside your ear and determine which solution they think will help you the most. Then they can recommend that product to you.

3. Syringe

Your audiologist can also use a syringe full of water to help flush out your ear. This is the preferred method of earwax removal for some audiologists. With this method, the audiologist will fill a syringe with water and will gently push the warm water into your ear. This can help to loosen the wax and to remove it from your ear canal. This can help to give you relief if you have an earwax impaction.

4. Other ways they can help

In addition to doing the aforementioned things, audiologists can also help in other ways when it comes to ear cleaning. For example, they can tell you what not to do, such as using ear candles. Also, they can give you lifestyle recommendations to help keep your ears clean, and prevent them from becoming clogged with wax. All of these things can be very helpful when it comes to ear cleaning.

If you’re concerned you may be experiencing pain or hearing loss due to an earwax impaction, schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area to have your ear health evaluated. The audiologist will be able to provide tips and tricks to avoid future earwax blockages, in addition to a regular cleaning routine to keep your ears in optimal shape!