Most cases of hearing loss are permanent and can be caused by anything ranging from aging to exposure to loud noise. However, not all hearing loss is permanent, and hearing can sometimes be restored naturally. Temporary hearing loss can have several different causes, from illness to injury or even excess earwax. It might sometimes resolve itself or can be treated with the help of an audiologist, depending on the cause. Temporary hearing loss could cause you to lose your hearing completely, but it's much more likely that you will still be able to hear, although not as well as usual. Read on to learn more about temporary hearing loss, its causes and how to regain your hearing.

The causes of temporary hearing loss

There are various causes of temporary hearing loss. Your ear canals can become blocked, which might be caused by excess amounts of earwax or by fluid in the middle ear. Fluid in your ears can be caused by illness, including ear infections or even a cold. Sometimes temporary hearing loss can be caused by medication. If you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are concerned about them damaging your ears.

Another cause of temporary hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss. This can occur for a number of reasons when you are exposed to loud noises. You might attend a loud music concert or shoot a gun without hearing protection, for example.

Determining if hearing loss is temporary

Hearing loss can often be temporary, but it's not always obvious whether your hearing loss is temporary or not. There are many times when you might assume that it is, such as when you have just left a loud event or if you have a cold. However, if you are uncertain, you should see a doctor or audiologist to determine the cause and extent of your hearing loss.

Sometimes, an audiologist can understand what is causing your hearing loss simply through a physical examination of your ears or by talking to you about recent events or your medical history. In some other cases, they may determine that performing a hearing test is necessary to rule out any other possible problems with your auditory system.

Removing blockages

If your temporary hearing loss is caused by something blocking your ear canals, removing the blockage will get your hearing back for you. Blockages can be caused by too much earwax. Earwax helps to protect your ears, but it can affect your hearing if there is too much. There are various ways to address excessive earwax, both at home and by seeing an audiologist. A professional ear cleaning is the easiest way to clean earwax from your ears. While you can also use various ear cleaning products at home, you shouldn't do anything without first consulting your audiologist.

Resting your ears

Temporary hearing loss caused by loud noises might make your ears ring. If you are at a loud event, moving away from the noise for a while can help. Turning the volume down on your television, speakers or anything else that you're listening to will help you to rest your ears too.

Although any ringing in your ears is likely to go away quickly, it doesn't mean that your ears are perfectly fine. Regular exposure to loud noises or even just one exposure to very loud noise can damage your ears permanently. You could be at a greater risk of developing tinnitus if you are often around loud noises. Protecting your ears using earplugs or ear muffs will help you to take care of your hearing.

Treating illness

If you have an inflammation or infection in your ear, you should regain your hearing when it heals. Ear infections often clear themselves up without any medical intervention. However, if you experience pain, discharge, a fever, stiff neck or bad headache, you should see a doctor. Having a cold or a sinus infection and even allergies could also cause you to have temporary hearing loss. When your sinuses are blocked, it causes the Eustachian tube in your ear to swell, closing the connection between your throat and ear. While it's inconvenient and can feel uncomfortable, you should regain your hearing once you are healthy again.

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