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Hearing loss may be difficult to accept and many people do not know where to begin. Our team of ENT physicians and audiologists at Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists of Wisconsin will work close with you to determine what your hearing needs are.

Our mission is to improve the lives of people with hearing loss through better hearing. Our educated, experienced audiology staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of hearing care in a personalized, caring environment.


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Choosing an Audiologist

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Choosing an Audiologist

Health is a personal matter, even more so when you have issues hearing. Suffering from hearing loss can make you feel vulnerable and knock your confidence. You need to consult a hearing healthcare professional who is knowledgeable, patient, and empathetic. But how do you find such a paragon?

A good start is to look for a qualified audiologist. These ‘hearing doctors’ are trained to degree level or above in all aspects to do with hearing health. They have a comprehensive understanding of all matters that can affect your hearing, from simple matters such as ear wax right up to complex neurological conditions that affect your ability to listen.

The next task is to find an audiologist you feel comfortable with.

Personal recommendations

There’s nothing quite like personal experience. 

Speak to friends or family about the service they received from a particular audiology clinic and whether they are satisfied or not. 

Ask questions about how long the consultation lasted, did they feel rushed, and how clearly things were explained. It can put your mind at ease to know in advance that the practice encourages you to take a companion along to be an extra pair of ears or that the audiologist is particularly good at explaining complex matters.

If you don’t know anyone who uses an audiologist then speak to your regular physician. He or she will be able to recommend a clinic, based on feedback from other patients.

Professional referrals 

If you have medical insurance that covers hearing health, check the small print. Some policies will only cover costs if you go to certain clinics approved by the company or to a clinic recommended by your physician.

It would be a shame to have cover in place only to invalidate a claim by not going through the correct channels.

Well-established practices

Check out the clinics reputation by looking at online reviews. Newly established clinics are often eager to impress and establish a good reputation, while a clinic that has been around since the 80s or 90s must have been pleasing patients in order to stay in business for so long.

Also, take a look at the professional credentials of the hearing healthcare professional working there. Letters after the name such as Au.D., M.S., M.A., BC-HIS and CC-A are an guarantee of the practitioner’s professional standing.

Convenient location

Do choose an audiologist that you can get too with ease. Remember, your hearing device may need adjustments, especially in the early days. If the clinic is difficult to reach then you may be discourage from visiting, which means you are more likely to postpone routine cleaning or attend to maintenance that will extend the life of your hearing aid.

Personal connection

Last but not least, find an audiologist you can trust and make a personal connection with. Then you are more likely to be 100 percent honest about your hearing needs and ultimately ensures the audiologist can select the absolute best device for you. 

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