When you want something done well, would you settle for second best?

You wouldn’t want your car’s brakes serviced by an unqualified mechanic, so why would you trust your hearing health to anyone but a professional?

Studies increasingly show the link between managing hearing loss well and a reduced risk of falls or even Alzheimer’s. With both your physical and mental health connected by the common thread of you hearing, don’t take risks and always chose the best person for the job.

And if you still need convincing, here are five compelling reasons to visit an audiologist.

1. Audiologists can identify health problems

An audiologist’s educational and clinical background are important when it comes to treating your hearing loss. They are medical professionals with an in-depth knowledge of problems affecting hearing and balance, and how to correct them.

This means when an audiologist looks at the results of a hearing test, they look past the obvious deficits and can spot tell-tale signs that could indicate other health problems. Some patients who visit because of hearing loss end up with a referral to another health professional to ensure their impairment isn’t connected to any other conditions.

In addition, the audiologist can help acclimate you to a new hearing device or teach skills to enhance your listening, in the same way other healthcare professionals can help you adjust to change.

2. Audiologists take follow-up appointments seriously

As the patient of an audiologist, you should expect quality aftercare. Whether this means fine-tuning an existing device, undertaking repairs or helping with hearing rehabilitation, your audiologist won’t rest until you have the best possible listening experience.

3. Audiologists are caring professionals

Audiologists enter the profession because they want to make a difference. They get satisfaction from matching a patient with the right hearing device and making a positive improvement in that person’s life.

This means their motivation is not to earn commission by selling large numbers of hearing devices, but lies in the quiet contentment of a job well done.

4. Audiologists can save you money in the log run

You might be able to purchase cheap hearing devices online, but this is a false economy. A person with a hearing aid that doesn’t fit or function right is more likely to stop wearing their device – making it a waste of money.

Instead, look at your audiologist’s recommendation as an investment, and work out the cost of the device on a price-per-wear basis. If you are inseparable from your device and it works for five years, this becomes a bargain price!

5. Audiologists are the complete package

An audiologist takes the time to get to know you and your needs. In turn, they can help identify the nature of your hearing loss and suggest the right device to help. In addition, the audiologist helps you adjust to your hearing device and makes navigating your new hearing experience easier. To ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing healthcare journey, an audiologist is the perfect professional for your needs.