Hearing loss can happen to anybody of any age, for a number of reasons. This isn’t just something that affects elderly people, although many people believe that it is. Even people in their teens ands early adult years can suffer from hearing loss for a variety of reasons, which is why testing to figure out what the issue is early on is imperative.

Although you won’t always get signs that indicate a problem (which is why you should just got for a test regardless), here are four signs that you need a hearing test:

You’re experiencing a ringing in your ears

If you’re experiencing a ringing in your ears, also known as tinnitus, it could be a sign that you’re suffering from hearing loss or ear damage. Tinnitus isn’t always a ringing, either. It can come in many forms, from a clicking noise to a whirring noise. This noise isn’t psychological, but other people cannot hear it. It may be temporary, or you may get it fairly often. Whatever is going on with your tinnitus, make sure you visit an audiologist for a hearing test to determine what’s going on.

You’re always asking people to repeat what they said

Asking people to repeat what they said can be very tiresome, for both you and the person talking to you. It can make you feel separate from the rest of the world, as you’re not really sure what anybody is saying, missing the punchlines of funny jokes, and perhaps even having trouble hearing women and children at all, as they speak at a higher frequency. We can all make the mistake of missing what somebody said from time to time, but if it’s happening regularly, it needs to be addressed.

You have to keep turning up the volume

Do you have the TV on loud every day? If people keep on complaining your music or your TV is too loud but you don’t see a problem, it could be that you have lost normal perceptions of volume. You might not even realize that this has happened, but the people around you will. Get a test. If there’s something wrong you will get it treated, and if not then you can get the people around you off your back.

You’re experiencing vertigo

The inner ear is responsible for balance and our ability to stand on tightropes, and can also play a part in how we feel balancing and doing things that require balance too. Experiencing vertigo in certain situations can be a sign that something has gone wrong in the ear. This is not so strange if you’re are a great height, but is not normal if you’re on flat ground. Attacks of vertigo can be very disorientating, and treatment is required ASAP to determine the cause. Chances are, something has gone wrong within the inner ear that is causing you to get a dizzy sensation.

The above 4 signs all indicate that you need to go for a hearing test. Hearing issues are not limited to the elderly, so don’t put yours off.