Protecting your ears is one of the best defenses against hearing loss. Your audiologist will likely recommend many different ways to help you block out loud sound and the best form of protection is arguably custom earplugs. Consider three of the biggest advantages that come with custom ear protection.

1. They’re more durable

The most common form of ear protection that people get is a simple earbud. These are cheap, inexpensive and can be bought in large quantities. However, the biggest issue with cheap disposable earplugs is that they aren’t very durable. They attract dirt, grime, earwax and can even break easily due to the material used. In other words, they’re disposable for a reason.

You’ll end up throwing them away quickly and we wouldn’t recommend using them for more than a single use because, as mentioned already, they’ll quickly build up nasty germs and bacteria due to the materials used. With custom earplugs, you’re guaranteed to get a washable and durable earplug that lasts much longer and doesn’t need to be thrown away after a single use.

2. They’re a better fit

Disposable earplugs will either be too small or too big, never the right size. Custom earplugs are made to fit your ear and your ear canal instead of being a generic size that fits everyone. If you want the best ear protection, then a custom solution is the only way to go.

They will help protect your ears by blocking out all sounds instead of being a loose fit, they’ll be much more comfortable and you’ll have an easier time getting them in and out. One of the biggest problems with ear protection is that it can be a pain to take in or out, and having custom-fit ear protection is one of the best ways to solve that issue.

3. They’re more economical

Custom earplugs are much cheaper in the long run than disposable ones because you don’t need to keep buying packs of them. Disposable ear plugs also have a tendency to break easily and they could arrive damaged in the box or packet you get.

In general, custom ear protection is a much better solution for the budget-conscious. They might cost more upfront but you’ll save a lot of money by having a washable, sturdy and more comfortable-fitting earplug that you can use on a daily basis without worrying about it breaking on you or needing to carry around replacements.

Custom ear protection is fantastic for a number of different reasons. Hopefully, we’ve shown their best qualities in this article and have convinced you to speak with your audiologist to potentially order a pair.