working together to provide the highest standard in hearing care

Our Staff

Working as a unified team, we can share our individual expertise and consult with one another discussing patients' needs and appropriate treatments. Our physicians are board certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, the world's largest organization of head and neck surgeons dedicated to the care of the ear, nose and throat disorders. 

We have six Doctors of Audiology on staff to provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings. Our physicians, audiologists and staff have the highest level of respect for each other with a total focus on what is best for the patient. This relationship makes it convenient for patients to receive medical treatment and obtain hearing aids all from the same practice. 

Audiologist Mark Conradt | Doctor of Audiology

Audiologist Erin L. Krueger | Doctor of Audiology

Audiologist Holly Rusch | Doctor of Audiology

Audiologist Tamara S. Mischka | Doctor of Audiology

Audiologist Tricia Roh | Doctor of Audiology